Welcome to these nēhiyawēwin / Plains Cree Grammar pages.  Within this growing collection of webpages you will find basic and advanced grammatical descriptions of Plains Cree Sound (Phonology), Word (Morphology), and Phrase and Clause (or Sentence) Structure (Syntax).

You can navigate these pages in a variety of ways.

1) The drop-down Grammar menu in the page title above will always give you access to the main pages for Language and Dialect, Sounds, Words, Phrases, and Clauses.

2) In each section, there are also expandable menus on the right-hand side which will take you to more detailed descriptions of each main topic (e.g. under Words for instance, you can access a dedicated page listing all Parts of Speech, as well as Nouns, VerbsParticles, and Pronouns; under Nouns, you will find Inanimate and Animate Nouns and their subclasses; under Verbs, verb classes like VAI, VII, etc. and their subclasses; under Particles, subclasses like Preverbs, Prenouns, Particle Phrases, etc.).

3) The text of each section of this grammar includes quick links to other subsections as they are referenced. Listed here are some quick links to the main sections of this grammar:

Language and Dialect
Sounds:  Consonants,  VowelsCombining SoundsStress Patterns
Words Parts of Speech  –  Nouns,  Verbs,  Particles,  Pronouns