The following Online Resources are recommended.

The Cree Literacy Network

  • The Cree Literacy Network (CLN) was created in 2010 to promote Cree language and cultural literacy, in oral form, and through literacy materials (in Cree and English) that use Standard Roman Orthography. We believe that Cree language literacy can be learned better and spread farther – all in support of living oral language – when everyone shares the same, consistent writing system. We also believe that authentic Cree language materials (both oral and written) can work even better to support language when presented side by side with English translation, to promote cultural literacy, even among those who read only English.
  • The CLN posts a large variety of Cree language resources and links to many others.

Syllabics App

  • This is an additional Syllabics converter, available online (as linked) and as a downloadable app for smartphones.
  • This converter features automatic conversion of hyphenated words to Syllabics with half, non-breaking spaces to keep words from being separated across lines.  It converts instantaneously and can handle very large textual passages.  It is also quite good at recognizing the differences between Cree and English input and avoids converting English.