Arok Wolvengrey
Web dictionary development:
Marie-Odile Junker and Arok Wolvengrey
Web database programming:
Delasie Torkornoo
Funding to develop the web version:
SSHRC (grant # 435-2014-1199)
ISBN: 978-1-4884-0029-2


The database that forms the basis of this online dictionary was originally published as:

Wolvengrey, Arok.  2001.  nēhiýawēwin: itwēwina / Cree: Words.  Volume 1: Cree-English and Volume 2: English-Cree.

Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center.

It has being electronically updated since 2015 on an ongoing basis.

Inflection search engine powered by Alberta Language Technology Lab:  Plains Cree morphological finite-state transducers


Supporting institutions:

First Nations University, Canada

Carleton University, Canada